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Learning how to move more healthy

Mensendieck therapy. Treating and preventing complaints

More and more people suffering from physical complaints are finding their way to the 2000 Mensendieck therapists practising in the Netherlands. Mensendieck therapy is a paramedical method of treatment, aimed at relieving and preventing complaints that are the result of an incorrect posture and pattern of movement, whether or not caused by a specific abnormality or illness. Experiences of clients, as well as various studies, show that extremely good results can be achieved through Mensendieck therapy.

What does a Mensendieck therapist do?

A Mensendieck therapist will make you aware of your posture and your way of moving, and how this is related to your complaints. You will also receive insights into how your body responds to pain, (over)load, and tension. Together with your therapist, you will seek out the cause of your complaints. Your therapist will supervise you and train you in adopting a healthier posture. You will become aware of negative habits and learn how to break them.

Therapy is given in the treatment room of the therapist and – if necessary – at the patient's home. Each individual treatment session lasts 35 minutes. Some therapists also offer group treatment or group lessons, for example, for pregnant women, for the elderly, or for patients with specific conditions such as rheumatism or Parkinson's disease. The children's therapist is specialized in the treatment of children. Additionally, there are therapists who work particularly with patients with psychosomatic complaints. And some Mensendieck therapists can also be found in commercial companies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and homes for the elderly.

Individual attention

Your therapist will supervise you in restoring the balance between tension and relaxation, and your body's condition will be restored. You will discover how you can improve your posture and the way you move. This way, you learn how to deal with your complaints yourself, and how you can prevent your complaints from returning.

The therapist tunes the treatment to your own personal situation. This means that you will be able to apply the exercises and advice you receive with regard to your movements in your daily life. Your working environment, your home situation and your hobbies and sports will all be taken into account. By applying the advice of your therapist, you will learn to move more healthily. This way, you can function optimally again in your daily activities.


Mensendieck therapy are accredited paramedical treatment methods. Study your health insurance policy for information on rebates and cover you may be eligible for. Your GP, medical specialist or company doctor can refer you to a Mensendieck therapist.


Do you want to look for a Mensendieck therapist yourself, preferably one in your area? Then go to and click on 'Praktijkzoeker', or contact the professional association, VvOCM, in Utrecht.

You can find addresses of Mensendieck therapists in the Goudengids (Yellow Pages) under Mensendieck or Oefentherapeut.

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